Anal and Vaginal Care

The anal canal and the vagina are important parts of the body that should be well cleaned as they are vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections if proper hygiene is not maintained. It is also important to take care of these two important parts if they are both used for sexual activity. Sexually transmitted diseases are easily transmitted through vaginal or anal sex and hence utmost care ought to be taken.

Below are some important anal and vaginal care tips that you can follow:

Anal Care

Proper hygiene helps in maintaining the good health of the anal orifice. If a man or woman engages in anal sex, it is important to ensure that they use condoms and lubrication on top of cleanliness to minimize chances of tearing and transmission of STDs. It is very important to wash the anal area thoroughly using water and soap to reduce the amount of bacteria present in the area.


For partners who engage in anal sex, it is important for them to wash the anal region before the sexual act and after it in order to reduce the amount of bacteria spread from one partner to the other. If the act is oral-to-anal kind of sex, it is important to use a dental dam to provide a barrier that comes between the fingers or mouth with the anus.

Vaginal Care

A lot of women find the subject of vaginal care as a taboo but it should not be treated as such since it is very important to their overall health. It is normal for a vagina to have a slight non-offensive smell, but a strong and foul odor could be a possible indication of an infection. In order to maintain proper hygiene, it is important for every woman to wash her genital area including her anus to keep off the bad odor and infections.

The genital area provides a favorable environment for bacteria to thrive since it is mostly warm and moist. The excretions that result from perspiration, urine, and vagina tend to build up in the area and can help bacteria to thrive. These bacteria can cause vaginal infections or urinary tract infections. Washing the vaginal area with water and mild soap can assist in controlling the bacteria growth and thus limit the infections.


The area that should be concentrated while washing would be the external part of the genital area. Internal parts of the genitals have a natural way of cleansing themselves. The labia majora ought to be properly washed as they contain sweat glands that generate perspiration as well as oil secreting glands.

All the above are some of the important anal and vaginal care tips that you can utilize to ensure that bacteria and infections are kept off.