How to maintain the cleanliness of the anal region

Keeping your intimate parts clean is very crucial to your health. It keeps away so many infections and it is always good to know that each of your body parts is clean. But tell you what, when it comes to maintaining cleanliness of the anal region, lots of people are doing it the wrong way.

A new approach to maintaining cleanliness of the anal region

· Always wipe your anus from front to the back:

If you want to keep your anal region clean, then you have to know how to wipe it right. Always do it from the front to the back. This ensures there are no feces touching on your genitals. As you do it, be gentle not to hurt yourself.


· Do not wipe your anus before you are done:

Take your time to ensure that you are done with evacuation before you begin to wipe. This means you have less of the dirt sticking on tissue paper.

· Use tissue paper first before the wet wipes:

Your anal region will not be cleaned by a single wipe of tissue. You need at least three tissue wipes. Then follow that up with one or two wet wipes. You can be assured that you are clean down there.

· Wipe your anus while sitting:

Do not try to stand up so as to wipe this region. You have less access, and you will leave a lot of dirt lodged there. You should do it while you are situated as you have more access.

· Invest in a good quality tissue paper:

With quality tissue paper you do not have to use much of it. It takes care of the dirt better than using heaps of poor quality tissue. So as you buy a tissue roll, ensure you do not go for the lowest quality that you come across.


· Take your time cleaning your anus:

Many people are always rushing to be done in the toilet and wipe their anus. It does not have to be such a bad job to clean your anus. Take your time at it and ensure you get as clean as possible.

Bottom line

Cleaning your anal region should be something you take seriously. It does not have to be an irritating job that you always want to get out of your way. Get it done better and show some respect to that part because it matters a lot.

Since the skin color of the anal region is usually darker, you can use butt whitening gel to lighten its color. A good example is the Pink Privates. You can check it out and see how it can help you.



Awesome Benefits Of Natural Juices

Juices are considered to be the favorite kind of drink by people from all age groups as they are sweet. These juices give us health benefits and satisfaction when consumed. The benefits of taking these kinds of liquids are:

Strengthen Immune System

sfcsfcfsThese juices benefit our bodies by protecting them from diseases and by helping in strengthening our immune system. Our metabolism can be balanced by taking natural juices from vegetables and fruits which give us sufficient vitamins. A healthy controlled metabolism changes carbohydrates and fats into energy. We get nutrients from this kind of foods that power our muscles and our nerves. So juices play a significant role if you want to go healthy and lose weight. But it’s better to eat the fruits than drink them if you want to shed of your extra calories.

Help In Consuming More Vegetables And Fruits

If we drink natural juices made from vegetables and fruits, it will help us to take more vegetables and fruits than we regularly do. Because individuals are not used to the taste of vegetables, they tend to eat them at a minimum rate. But juice from vegetables will help us acquire the taste and adjust slowly in adopting the taste for these vegetables.

Energy For Digestion

Natural juices will help us with the energy that is used for digestion. Digestion has a process where the food we eat is turned into a liquid form by the body, so that it can be engrossed correctly together with its nutrients. You are drinking what you are supposed to eat so this part will be excluded in the digestion process. Our brains control digesting food this is the reason why it becomes difficult to focus when we are full as our mind is busy focusing in digestion. Our brains activities will work better if we skip this process.  And it means there will be an improvement in the variation in your fruit and vegetable intake.


Natural juices are used as detoxifies. Our nutrients intake from vegetables and fruits aresgstgtscs compromised because of our minimal consumption. If we take natural juices, they will help us in the immediate absorption of essential nutrients in our bodies than the food which has to undergo digestion for us to benefit.

It is important to note these natural fruit juices should be taken when they are fresh. The natural juices will loss their health benefits if taken days or weeks it was made. It is advisable to take fresh juice to avoid any harmful damage.